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Followed by the characters of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto that were introduced by the Disney Brother's Cartoon Studios in the late 1930's (Hassen and Daniyal,2013).

Five years after Jyllands-Posten published its now-notorious caricatures, the reverberations are still being felt. And not just by the cartoonists. The threats and violence that continue to surround their publication have had a chilling impact upon writers, publishers, gallery owners and theatre directors. Two years ago, the American publishing giant , a breezy, romantic tale about Aisha, the Prophet Muhammad’s youngest wife, after fears that it might prove offensive. When, last year, Yale University Press published The Cartoons that Shook the World, Jytte Klausen’s scholarly study of the cartoon controversy, . When the free speech organization, Index on Censorship, published an interview with Klausen about Yale's decision, .

In the beginning, Sydney Carton’s the character that everyone looks down upon....

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citizens but many of the amendments are still debated about today making them perfect material for political cartoonists....

Even today, few Muslims have a problem in seeing the Prophet’s face. Shortly after Jyllands Posten published the cartoons,. They were accompanied by a critical commentary, but Al Fagr did not think it necessary to blank out Muhammad’s face, and faced no opprobrium for not doing so. Egypt’s religious and political authorities, even as they were demanding an apology from the Danish Prime Minister, raised no objections to Al Fagr’s full frontal photos.

I will analyze this political cartoon according specific criteria, such as its design and visual elements, the genre, and type and spacial elements of the argument to provide a rhetorical analysis that considers the purpose, audience, and argument....

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"I've never been so humiliated in my life," Daffy complains. There's more. He's on a desert island that's a speck in the distance. "Give me a closeup!" he demands. The island is framed in a small box surrounding the speck with black. "This is a closeup?" The camera zooms to his bloodshot eyes. Soon "The End" appears on the screen, and Daffy angrily pushes the letters offscreen and gets into a fight with curtains of black ink that threaten to obscure him. It's a fight to the finish between a cartoon character and his medium, with a twist at the end when we find out who the animator is.

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Cartoons were limited not only in length but in detail; they were made at a time when every frame had to be drawn by hand, and implacable producers like Schlesinger kept an eye on the time clock. Backgrounds tended to be static unless motion was essential; the animators focused on the characters, and it is remarkable what precision of behavior and personality they achieved. In body language, as much as in the voices supplied by such gifted artists as Mel Blanc, the characters expressed themselves, and to look at the elegant nonchalance of Bugs or the frenzied determination of Daffy is to see a universe of emotion conveyed in animation where economy met style.

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Of the three titles, the strangest is "Duck Amuck," which plays with the reality of the genre. In it Daffy Duck is aware he's a character in a cartoon and shouts angry tirades against his animator, who strikes back with pencil, eraser and paint brush. Daffy begins as a dueling Musketeer but suddenly runs out of background and is marooned on an empty white screen. He demands a backdrop, and a brush enters the frame to paint a farm. Daffy, a trouper, starts singing "Daffy Duck, He Had a Farm." But the backgrounds change with sadistic glee: snow, a beach in Hawaii. Then he is erased. He reappears with a guitar but cannot make his music heard, and holds up a sign saying "Sound, Please!" He gets a machine gun and a klaxon.

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These pro-woman provisions are easily seen as an attempt on the part of Congress to gather political support for the continued life of the SBA. Just note the comparison between female and male voters for presidential elections since 1980. In every one of these elections, a larger percentage of eligible women voted than did eligible men and the number of female voters has been greater than that of men. In fact, in 2008, the number of female voters exceeded the number of male voters by a substantial percentage. Furthermore, the gender gap, at least with regard to presidential elections, the "gender gap" in 2012 reached a record of twenty points. These numbers add up to a serious amount of political clout for female America, and Congress has pandered to it. Perhaps more impactful is that in the event that he overtly opposes the SBA, the poor dumb bastard in the each-of-my-three-jobs cartoon will find himself working at a fourth job on what he thought was his day off. That fourth job would be his relationship.

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Jones and other masters of the cartoon short subject created a world apart from the real world and also apart from feature-length animation, which tended to be more story-driven. In their films, which were usually about 7 minutes long, comic scenarios were driven by eternal conflicts between a character and his desires: Elmer Fudd wanted to shoot a wabbit, and over and over he tried, and over and over he was outwitted (except once, as we will see).

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The artist use of facial expression and symbolism paints a picture for the audience, and their feelings towards these issues. The use of this political cartoon also take historical events, and helps to illustrate the meaning and consequences of these events....

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Liberal multicultural policies have not created radical Islam, but they have helped created a space for it in Western societies that previously had not existed. They have also provided a spurious moral legitimacy to Islamist arguments. Every time a politician denounces a ‘offensive’ work, every time a newspaper apologizes for causing offence, every time a journalist tells someone like Nasser Khader that he’s not a ‘real’ Muslim, they strengthen the moral claims of the Islamists. There will always be extremists who attempt to murder cartoonists or firebomb newspaper offices. There is little we can do about them. What we can do is refuse to create a culture that emboldens such people by accepting their voices as somehow legitimate.

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Positive and negative impacts Positive impacts Negative impacts Helps in kindergarteners education: Kindergarteners relate to cartoon Characters well and retain educational lessons taught by cartoons [2] Encourages violence: Kindergarteners may grow up aggressive and engage in violence ,unaware of the consequences Encourages good moral behavior; Cartoons have role models teaching values such as honesty [3] Health problems; kindergarteners spend too much time watching cartoons -> overweight or have eyesight problems Kindergarteners feel more confident; They talk and behave in the same manner a...

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