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I’ve heard they give you a tour of heaven and hell, which I am sure hell looks so terrible that you give in and agree to come back here, rather than go to hell. BUT If you never repented or felt you did anything wrong to begin with, then you ARE SAVED! That is why I am trying to tell my brothers that THEY ARE INNOCENT, THEY NEVER DID ANY SINNING, NOTHING THEY EVER DID WAS WRONG…..DONT BE FOOLED BY THESE INTERDIMENSIONAL CLOWNS! They are using your own ignorance against you!!

First of all, I’m glad more people are starting to catch on to this deception. I will have to disagree with one thing though, I do get communication from beings that sound like a voice in my head, and I also get soul telepathy as well. On any given day it comes in either of these two ways. There are members of my soul family from where I come from who are from the free universe. There are female sounding voices and male sounding voices. They say they have come to earth in the past as well to dismantle the system.

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Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs - The New York Times

Mar 14, 2012 · TODAY is my last day at Goldman Sachs

Since young age I had few significant and nonsense dreams visions/ hallucinations but they were more like dreams and nothing I could touch or grab by some end to actually know what was happening … they gotten worse and worse, to the point I thought it was crazy schizophrenic hearing voices having distorted toughs that I know were not mine…
Recently, a week or 2 ago I had a very vivid almost as real hallucination that almost killed me, finally spoken directly to what ever it was inside my head… and visited a different planes and seen many things… spoken to many identities .. They shown me past and future, talked about duality .. about the good and evil the light and dark.. this is still very blurry and nonsense to me… I started searching the web for help and understanding of what is happening to me and why .. that is when I came across with your site.
All my life I searched for answers in several religions, and even some seemed to be helpful I always knew (inside) that there was something being omitted .. the only thing they actually told me that there is a creator and that we are pure matter and energy here on earth … When reading your site even a bit skeptical as I have always been, it touched me …

On my own I discovered light energy based on Chakra points, and then one day discovered the archangel transmissions and that is when this life force energy became larger then ever/having spirits contact me to help me “wake up” (become more conscious)Those messages sent me to purgatory and brought demons to me who constantly call me a Satan worshiper, read my mind, and predict my every thought and movement as though they are trying to keep track of me. They also give me pain when I think of things they don’t like, since I lost all of my protection, but now the question is who are the real love beings who do not live in duality. And why do they not come into assistance when asked. All this happened because I wanted to stop saying negative things about people in my mind. Who do we pray to? What is love, with this divided hemisphere brain (where for me it is impossible to prevent an involuntary negative thought), how do you get to this love vibration other than implanting meditative frequencies into our brains? It is also true that using crystals is impure because it surrounds you with this so called false light, and it seems these archons use these crystals to transport due to their high frequency. If this is true about these Archons then it literally means that the Bible, myths, Qur’an, etc are all part of this plot of duality, worshiping, pyramid scheme, and every religious person ends up stuck in this cage without intent and from pure manipulation. Btw it seems listening to any frequencies over a computer or phone would be implanting harmful waves due to carrier frequencies and modulation, etc to decrease bandwidth (they are not truly only a 432hz sound wave for example). It seems these frequencies too are manipulative and based off of radio frequencies/TV frequencies in which the Archons communicate through, and that the only best way to meditate is with a Tibetan singing bowl away from alternative frequencies (such as crystals). Any thoughts?

Spirituality: Share This Page: Why I Am An Atheist

Awesome comment. If you look at the core particles the smallest particle visible to man, look into its core you will see the photons of light but at the very core of that photon is a dark center. That being the case, to polarize darkeness as bad and light as good is to deny the critical roles each plays for the other. The pitch blackness of space is the very mother of light. Even in a completely dark room with no light shining in from the outside, if you stay long enough in that room you will see the faintest light. If you shut out all chatter, all concepts of divinity, all doctrines and dogma and just wait for the Infinite Source to present itself to you IT WILL. What most don’t understand is that we, being made of the same stuff have the same creative power. A power we use in error because of our belief systems that define a God that acts exactly as we design him or her to be. That is, if we haven’t already subscribed to the cut and paste Gods our parents, teachers and peers programmed us to believe in. If we see beyond these to the true consciousness beyond all Gods, Goddesses, gurus and saviors, we become true co-creators. We don’t get locked into the trap of ego gratification because of the power available to us. We simply love and create in love. Is it possible to create without love? Of course!!! The Infinite Mind encompasses all possibilities and make room for them all to play out. Why? Because nothing of itself is irretrievable. This is why there is no judgment at that level of being, only love.

by Bhagat Singh : A new question has cropped up

I have had tremendous issues calling myself a lightworker but did anyway. I couldn’t explain why it has bothered me. Then when I read this and you mentioned the exhaustion after sleep, it all clicked. Especially lately I feel forced to sleep up to 20hrs in a row and wake up exhausted from all these battles and fights. I always wondered why not dream with good, delicious things? Why always battle and fearful issues? Well, you answered it. I do believe in the ultimate higher love beyond this paradigm but get stuck on “language” and semantics. But as you said, regular language is not necessarily the way true higher power communicates.

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I am a Catholic. Why should I consider becoming a Christian?

Thank you! I was so happy when I found out about all the people out there were experiencing things like I have been, like 11s and such, but when I really started reading into it, I became afraid of some of the things I read about channeling and about waiting around and doing all that made me happy. At that moment I felt deceived, but, everything else was so clearly me.
Then I found your article and I agree with you completely. I still believe I have a Devine purpose and that my life has led up to this, But I was not comfortable with what I was being told to do as a lightworker. I am also NOT a lightworker. I do believe I chose to be here and I do believe I am being prepared for something.
Thank you for putting this article out for people like me who needed to see it this way.

Reza Aslan: Why I am a Muslim - CNN

Dear Cameron: So many thanks for sharing your insights into what is happening really with the spirituality on this planet. I am from South America, for a while working as a light worker until I started becoming suspicious. I started feeling that something was wrong, so I decided to investigate. And that is what I have been doing for the las six years or more I would say. It was really confusing to try to get what was going on, it was also painful and frightening, but I decided to go on any way. Through this investigation I came across the works of Eve Lorgen, an hypnotist, who works with abductees, and after a while with the work of an italian guy, Corrado Malanga, who is a professor of Organic Chemistry in Italy. There is a website with some of his work translated into english and spanish called Flash Mental Simulations. Incredibly after 30 years of investigation of abductee cases he came, to his surprise, to the same conclusions that you are showing here. He was a guy that was just interested in the ufo phenomena and in the abuctee experiences. He did not believe in God or that we had souls, and he is not coming from any “new age” point of view. Maybe it would be interesting for some of the people commentting here, specially the ones that think this is “just one guy theory” to go and read the discoveries of these people, which I am certain you do not know about either. I was very happy to find your website and specially this article. All this things just confirm what I have been thinking, and I am so glad someone as young as you is talking openly about it in the net. Please, do continue doing like this. I feel it is very importan to open this kind of discussion to the general public to see if we can come out of this terrible spell we have been under for such a long time.

I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump

Oh Cameron, I wish I could express in words what your writing on the corrupt demiurge has clarified for me! I am even lost for words to begin to describe a brief summary, but hope you feel in your heart my deep thanks for your most beautiful gift! As one who is so connected to Mother Earth, and struggles to see why so few others can, and as someone who repeatedly has had beings from the demiurge try to suck every last droplet of light from me, ( unsuccessfully – because i’m shinning brightly now!) from furiously religious parents to false light lovers, I am finally free! It happened with spirit showing me such wise lessons, ensuring I freed myself. But most of all life is so easy now – because I listen to me, my ‘Orenda’ , my soul. I know the truth inside. No, life isn’t easy- it’s full of joy! My body and physical energy too has and is changing dramatically. I love this earth and life! And just when I am ready for some wonderful work, your article explains to me in a nutshell what has happened and how to see it as a whole! I love you, thank you for sharing your gift with us. Thank you from my heart. Xxx

Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker - Transcending …

The human ego is one of the main programs that the demiurge connects through and drains us, lies to us, and so forth. Any person who has a negative or violent reaction to the words in this, I implore you to ask why, only the ego balks when it is challenged and if you do not see the truth in this work, then it is a block of your ego because the ego is programmed to protect what the author is exposing: THE TRUTH! The ego by the way is a human condition, not a spirit condition. Your spirit knows, the ego runs from it.

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