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I know that it is unconvincing to quote, out of context, a number of murderous sayings. But I am not attempting to provide a fool-proof thesis; I am merely trying to suggest a possibility, a line of thought which hitherto has been ignored.

It was left to Houston Stewart Chamberlain first to couple the names of Luther and Hitler. Since then whole libraries of books have been published which show how Hitler translated Luther's ideas into action. “Hitler”, said General Lietzmann in 1933, “is the greatest German, who can only be compared to Luther.”

Even before he was in power in , Hitler demonstrated his hatred of the Jewish population.

It is also remotely possible Adolf Hitler's grandfather was Jewish.

- Hitler and Communism papers report that Hitler was key in the spread of Communism.

Soon after, treatment of the Jews was a major theme of Hitler's orations,and the increasing scape-goating of the Jews for inflation, political instability,unemployment, and the humiliation in the war, found a willing audience.

Hitler's party benefitted bythe reaction to this development, and exploited it by holding mass protestrallies despite a ban on such rallies by the local police.

Adolf Hitler would never know for sure just who hisgrandfather was.

After hecklers were forcibly removed by Hitler supporters armed with rubbertruncheons and whips, Hitler electrified the audience with his masterfuldemagoguery.

research papers explain why Hitler's hatred was always targeted toward the Jews.

The support that Hitler and Ludendorff expected to receive from some conservativeBavarian politicians failed to materialize, however, and the police easilysuppressed the revolt.

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The name of thechild was Adolf Hitler.

The Hitler family lived on a small farm outsideof Linz, Austria.

(The plotgot its name because it was planned in one of Munich's beer halls.) Oncethey had taken Munich, Hitler and Ludendorff planned to use the Bavariancapital as a base of operations against the republican government in Berlin.

Two of those leaders are Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong-un.

Hitler endorsed the fall of the Weimar Republic, and declaredat a public rally on October 30, 1923 that he was prepared to march onBerlin to rid the government of the Communists and the Jews.

Hitler ordered the annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland in 1938.

This living space, Hitler continued,would come from conquering Russia (which was under the control of JewishMarxists, he believed) and the Slavic countries.

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The terms of the treaty werehumiliating to most Germans, and condemnation of its terms undermined thegovernment and served as a rallying cry for those who like Hitler believedGermany was ultimately destined for greatness.

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Party organizations, in part para-military, such asthe SA (Brownshirt storm troopers), SS (Blackshirt storm troopers), HJ(Hitler Youth), and the BdM (League of German Girls), which were also organizedaccording to the principle, were closely linked to theparty, as were the affiliated associations (DAF (German Workers' Front),NSV (National Socialist People's Welfare), and the professional organizationsof physicians, teachers, lawyers, civil servants, etc.).

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The day the voting for the Nazi troopers gathered outside the opera house, chanting,"Full power or else." under Hitlers rule, Germany was transformed into a racist totlaitarian state which controlled nearly all aspects for everyones life.

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“One day a tall stranger appeared in the land, and he came with lawyers and he came with great ceremony, and through Vincent's fingers poured a handful of sand .” (source 5) These lyrics retell the historical event of Gough Whitlam symbolically...

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TheNazis gradually devised an electoral strategy to win northern farmers andwhite collar voters in small towns, which produced a landslide electoralvictory in September 1930 (jump from roughly 3% to 18% of the votes cast)due to the depression.

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After causing thedestruction of huge areas of Europe, demanding the sacrifice of millions oflives in pursuit of his political ambitions, and ordering the murder of millionsof others, Hitler showed no remorse.

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