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Studies conducted at yoga institutions in India have reported impressive success inimproving asthma. For example, one study of 255 people with asthma found that yogaresulted in improvement or cure in 74 percent of asthma patients. Another study of 114patients treated over one year by yoga found a 76 percent rate of improvement or cure andthat asthma attacks could usually be prevented by yoga methods without resorting to drugs.

Yet another Indian study of 15 people with asthma claims a 93 percent improvement rateover a 9-year period. That study found improvement was linked with improved concentration,and the addition of a meditative procedure made the treatment more effective than simplepostures and pranayama. Yoga practice also resulted in greater reduction in anxiety scoresthan drug therapy. Its authors believe that yoga practice helps patients through enablingthem to gain access to their own internal experience and increased self-awareness.

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The Sanskrit word Yoga comes from the verb root Yuj, which means to link or to connect.

Even though the amount of time I have spent practicing yoga and visiting CHC has been short, I feel as though my experiences have been transforming me into a better person.

"Would you like to lose weight without resorting to the miseries of dieting? Well,try the miseries of Yoga exercises instead. One staunch advocate is Metropolitan Operastar Robert Merrill, who has been practicing these exercises for two years, and keepstrying to win converts. In those two years he has lost twenty pounds and now he's down toa trim, rhythmic-breathing one hundred and sixty, even though he continues to eat like alumber jack. 'At one time I went on a lot of diets but just couldn't lose any weight,' hesaid. 'Then along came Yoga and look at me now.' He punched his hard flat stomach andstarted breathing through one nostril. And to further demonstrate what it's all about, hedid a little flip and stood on his head. After that he showed the lotus position, legsscissored under the body. Was he still breathing through one nostril? Yes, the other one.'If people weren't so lazy they wouldn't have to worry about diets,' he said."

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Many people who practice yoga speak of "freeing the mind from mentaldisturbances," "calming the spirit," or "steadying the mind."Reduction of nervousness, irritability and confusion, depression and mental fatigue aresome of the benefits experienced. One experiences a relief from the pressure of his"compulsions." His nervousness, especially any jitteriness, should subside ordisappear.

Level 2&3 IntensiveJoin us for intermediate to advanced yoga teacher training at Ohui Retreat.

Originally, Lululemon idea behind the store was for it to be a community where individual would be able to learn and talk about healthy leaving through and yoga and their diet.

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Dechanet, a Roman Catholic monk who was led into yoga by his Catholic predecessors,gives a vivid account of how he uses yogic techniques as aids to worship. He describes a"euphoria that pervades the story of my experiment. I wish to make it clear that thiseuphoria is real and lasting and spreads through the various levels of my daily life,physical, Psychical and spiritual" (Christian Yoga). Even though few of us willachieve anything like perpetual exuberance, ecstatic joy or euphoria, attainment of a moretrusting outlook on life provides a spiritual soil from which spiritual roses have abetter chance to grow. The pragmatic experimentalist will say: "Try it and see."

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Although not everyone who undertakes to experiment with yoga can expect to achieve ormaintain the goal described by Shri Yogendra, Yoga: Personal Hygiene, as "exuberantand exultant health, he should notice the sun more often when it shines. Swami Sivanandapictures the goal as "ecstatic joy" (Yoga Asanas).

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Thus a person seeks through yoga not merely momentary mental agility, but an agilelife; not just momentary pliability, but a continuingly pliable existence; not justmomentary relief from disturbance, but a permanently peaceful perspective.

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The goal of yoga is confident living. Its aim is to replace pessimism and its varietiessuch as cynicism with a "Yea-saying" appreciation of life, not only on any givenday, but as a gracious, wonderful whole. When you achieve the yogic spirit, then you cansay with the Stoics, "I accept the universe."

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"Yoga also produces a more active, willing and generous disposition. It quickens the life of faith, of love of God and our neighbor. It quickens our sense of duty and responsibility as men and, above all, as Christians". "It follows that Hatha Yoga influences character to the good. One man, after some weeks of practice, admits he no longer knows himself, and everyone notices a change in his bearing and reaction. He is gentler, more understanding. He faces experience calmly. He is content; the pinpricks of life affect him less or not at all. He is in command of his own will and goes about his studies without fear and anxiety. His whole personality has been altered and he himself feels it steadying and opening out; from this there arises an almost permanent condition of euphoria, of 'contentedness' ". "You will feel that gentleness and sympathy come more readily. You will not feel like venting your spleen on others as frequently as before, and if it should occur, you will regret it all the more. You will make a kind of pact of non-violence with yourself. You will still have fits of impatience often enough, and even of anger. But something will be telling you that this is not only bad but even useless, and that it really is not worth the trouble to fly out and get beside yourself for nothing. 'A great need for sincerity -will bring you to detest, more than others do, not only lying but all forms of duplicity and dissimulation. You will sense the more keenly whatever is not genuine, and even what is merely conventional in speeches and words, and also in attitudes that men think they can take up in order to edify, but more often they take up lest they should lose face"

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Though yoga has been around for centuries, the modern world has altered the way this originally humble practice is performed, culturally stereotyped, and religiously viewed. The practice of yoga dates back thousands of years and is traditionally an intimate practice between a disciple and teacher....

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