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Can You Start a Sentence With Or? | Outstanding Writing

It never ceases to amaze me how much bad grammar information is out there. For example, here’s a question a professional editor asked me a while back: “Is it true you can’t start a sentence with “it”?

Now, over the years, I have learned there are easier words to start sausage sentences with than others. I find "The" to be a very hard word to begin a sausage sentence with. Starting with "I" works, if you begin a sentence with "I insisted..." or "I ingeniously..." It is impossible to use the words "a" or "an" in a sausage sentence--Can you figure out why?

or, yet, so- I can start a sentence with it because of the usage to coordinate two independent ..

you can start a sentence with "becasue" it is good grammar

Can you start a sentence with because in an essay | Kodarat

NOTHING means NO THING. A law of physics is (in effect) a thing. No, it’s not physical, but they still exist. The rules of logic exist – again, not as physical things, but yet they exist. With a “nothing” state, NOTHING would exist, including physics, rules, and logic. Anything would be possible, including something coming from that nothing, on its own, without anything else to start it … and it’s fairly obvious that nothing COULD start something else, because there would be nothing there! Once the first thing was there, then THAT thing could cause other things, but you can’t say that it would take something to start something else when you have NOTHING.

Can i start an essay with although? Example: Although you said to explore other colleges, university of Michigan in Dearborn has a lot to offer.

Can you start a sentence with because in an essay

You used a good prognosis of the computer and the programmer.
But let’s say we do have a programmer or designer which programs in us things like fear and taste. Now how do we know the difference between sweet and bitter good and bad ?
Today man has developed more power computers which can process things far faster than us yet we still have ultimate control over them.
If they get a virus they tend to crash.
We also try to stop the virus but sometimes we just have to replace the hard drive and start again.
No suppose we have been designed in a similar way for example we can be corrupted we can contract a virus and ultimately when we stop working out creator can retrieve our memory and brings us back to life with a new body faster memory faster processors and more intelligence.
A computer ? Does it know it has a maker
Can it choose to decide and follow the makers inputs.?
Can it corrupt it’s perfect program in a sense that it does what it was designed for.
How can you say something is not true because it is not scientifically proven?
How many times have the scientists books been rewritten because of new discoveries and new scientific development.
How many people thought the world was flat and assumed the end of the (flat) world was the sea which stretched out forever.
Man decide I can cross that sea or I can attempt to fly like that bird.
Man has not yet grown his own wings and flown with then yet.
Can science prove this can be done?
Why do birds have wings?
Will man evolve into being able to fly ?
We can choose to accept we have a creator who has ultimate control or not. I won’t say who this creator is but religion majority has it as one creator that is living and not of this world. Religious has there are others in the form of angels however we depict what they look like.
What if Instructions have been left for us to live and develop.
What if how we choose to process these instructions has been left entirely up to us as individuals.
Let’s say the designer has all the codes and computers can crack many codes. Once the code is cracked do you think the designer will sit back or will he be alerted of this ?
We know why computers have updates . To prevent viruses and fix bugs as well as improve usage efficiency which in prevents over heating and over use.
Owner’s of computers always want the best from them and will update and rebuild so they can work with and without their human counterpart in harmony.
Suppose this is what our creator wants (if we were to have one)
I have not even touched on things like sleep , time domains , male and female,
Science has proven that science alone does not hold all the answers

there are no rules saying "You can't start an English sentence with ..

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Can you start a sentence with because in Powerful ..

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