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In attempts to meet the needs and preferences of the reader, David Wallace decides to incorporate diverse writing skills and techniques. This is essential in the realization of the goals and objectives such as quality and effective development of the plot. Wallace fills most of his pages through implementation of interpolations, endnotes, footnotes, and footnotes of the footnotes. This indicates extra-elaborative skills in the presentation of the concepts and topics of the relevant essays in the context of Consider the Lobster. He also adopts and implements various subject matters to cover several essays and aspects within the society. This is essential in the process of addressing quality interaction with the reader.

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Analysis of the writing style of David Foster Wallace’s “Consider the Lobster”

Consider the Lobster | Soheb Siddiqui

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In the presentation of his ideas in relation to the context of Consider the Lobster, David Foster Wallace adopts and incorporates tow hefty pieces. These pieces include authority and the concept of American usage and the “Up Simba”. Incorporation of McCain’s presidential bid and the concepts of the United States lexicography illustrates this aspect effectively and efficiently hence the opportunity to enhance communication with the reader. In the case of McCain’s presidential bid, the author focuses on the questions relation to his charisma and the turnout of the young voters during the election exercise. He uses this concept with the aim of achieving two goals. The first goal relates to the ability and capacity in enhancing politics of the English language (Rodinger p. 28). The second aspect is to achieve the goal of rhetorical analysis in relation to the delicate argument or subject matter. One of the essential problems identified by David Wallace in relation to the focus of the audience is assuming that it is their job to learn and understand rhetorical concepts. In addressing this issue, David Wallace adopts essential style in entailing footnotes of about a half-page with the aim of enhancing the understanding of the audience in relation to the question or subject matter. He achieves his goals and objectives in the context of displaying the Garner’s ability in the presentation of the imperceptible lines in the context of rhetorical modes. This makes it essential to laud David Wallace in relation to the development of the prose to facilitate the transmission of the information and enhance communication or interaction with the readers of the essays. Stephen King also focuses on the political and economic factors in writing most of his works. An example in this scenario is the publication of the stand. The book focuses on the political and economic background with the aim of highlighting developments within the society.

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Another concept in relation to the writing skills and techniques by David Foster Wallace in the development of Consider the Lobster is the integration of eclectic and lack of uniform profound in the context of the essays. This is evident through diversity and variation in the subject matters of the essays leading to the development of the plot of Consider the Lobster stories (Kelly p. 271). The topics or themes of the essays range from the aspects of hilarity of Kafka, titular mediation in relation to ethics of carnivorism, and unapologetic garishness to the porn industry, to the trip of the Maine Lobster Festival. Most of the short stories in the novel or in the collection of essays are entertaining. They play critical role in the development of the entire book focusing on the subject matter of Consider the Lobster. One of the essential roles of the short stories such as Kafka and Updike is to facilitate punctuation of the collection with the aim of providing the reader with critical insightful information on the content. This is an integration of variety of concepts to gel towards provision of the critical insight to the reader on what to expect from the subject matter of other relevant essays. This is also a similar concept in the development of the novel, the stand, by Stephen King. It is essential for the writer to avoid unnecessary information in the writing of the novel. Despite this notion, the stand is a little shorter in comparison to consider the lobster.

I'm a health buff but I am not trying to be a Vegan but reading Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace makes me curious in some way.

He named the center after his friend Nina, a fashion editor who died of breast cancer.

Consider the Lobster: Even better: the writing D F Read more Published 5 months What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This ItemThomas Jefferson is a controversial figure in American history.

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Consider the Lobster and Other Essays

FREE Rhetorical Analysis - Consider the Lobster Essay

This article left me with many conflicted thoughts and feelings. I would like to first point out how David Foster Wallace seems to have gone to the Maine Lobster Festival with many preconceived opinions and ideas– not just of the festival itself, but of the whole assignment and having to visit this obviously tourist-y location and event. These preconceived thoughts and opinions flavor his whole view of the experience. It bothers me to feel as though he did not keep an open mind to the event and the area he visited. However, when it comes to weighing both sides of the argument, Wallace does go to great lengths to attempt to consider both sides. His confusion and uncertainty are evident everywhere, with the many lengthy footnotes the most obvious.

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What we are left to consider is our reasoning and justifications in the treatment and preparation of animals until it becomes our food. The information provided and the questions raised are all attempts to make readers consider aspects they have probably willingly tried to avoid contemplating. The impression I was left with at the end of the article is David Foster Wallace is still unclear on the moral and ethical implications that boiling a lobster raises. On one hand he seems to think that it’s wrong, as the lobsters display behavior that indicate they feel pain, but, on the other hand, people have to eat, and like to eat. It is almost as if he is waiting for someone to tell him not to eat lobster anymore, and list out reasons why he shouldn’t, and, until someone is able to do just that, he will continue to attempt to not ruminate on these tough questions as he has admittedly done up to the writing of this article.

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David Wallace also illustrates his genuine narration skills and techniques through description of authority and American Usage. This essay proves to be longer in comparison to other essays thus the opportunity for the author to demonstrate his narrative skills vital for interaction and communication with the reader. This is also vital for the development of the plot of the story and characterization processes with the aim of displaying subject matter effectively and efficiently. The author also maximizes the opportunity in relation to the available space in order to demonstrate his narrative skills thus improving interaction with the reader. David Wallace indicates that he is a snoot thus sort of being obsessed with grammar. This is an indication of the knowledge he has on the subject matter and vocabularies, but decides to limit the understanding of the reader on the concepts. David Foster Wallace has critical knowledge on the proper application or usage of grammar that might confuse even the technically gifted readers in the context of grasping the concept of the essays. In the process of explaining differences between linguistic prescriptivism and descriptivism, David Wallace adopts and implements comfortable casual language (Kelly p. 271). This is through minimal interference from his colloquialisms in illustration of the realm of the essays. He implements rhetorical analysis effectively and efficiently in the illustration of the concepts of the essays in the development of the novel. Narration is an essential trait and technique for the developers and writers of the novels. All writers integrate this concept just like David Foster and Stephen King in the works such as Consider the lobster and the stand.

Consider the Lobster: And Other Essays, a Review

David Foster Wallace (DFW) also integrates the concept of cultural criticism in the development of most of his essays in the context of Consider the Lobster. His writing skills and techniques make it difficult to point the America’s woes without becoming too accusatory. This is because of the aspect of incorporating politics and culture in the development of the essays. Few individuals want to read on why political apathy is bad. It is also essential to note that few individuals would like to read why eating animals like in the case of lobster are cruel acts. It is also not effective to focus on the problem with modernity like in the case of David Foster Wallace. This indicates that David Foster applies cultural criticism in the development of the essays in Consider the Lobster. It is also ineffective to focus on the criticism aspect of the essays following the integration of the styles and techniques by David Foster Wallace (Rodinger p. 27). The author adopts this mechanism to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of Consider the Lobster. David Foster Wallace integrates this concept through grasping of the predicament adequately thus failing to express it in the development of the essays. This technique enhances communication with the reader thus grasping of the main content of the essays. This also relates to the concept implemented by Stephen King in writing the Stand. The main idea behind these two novels is the intentional writing for criticism. This enables the writer to enhance his techniques through increased attention by the target audience.

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