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Animal farm essay ideas in human my essay about school uniforms

Snowball tells the animals about how beneficial the windmill would be, behaving much like Trotsky in his concern for others. Within a few weeks, Snowball had drawn up a plan for the windmill. Napoleon tries to divert the situation of the windmill by expressing the need for food production. Then, Snowball proposes that there be a vote for the windmill. When Napoleon sees that Snowball is likely to win the vote, he calls in his nine enormous dogs (who he had been raising since puppies), which attack Snowball and chase him off the farm for good. This power struggle is much like that which took place between Trotsky and Stalin.

Trotsky was always coming up with new inventive ideas and plans to help improve the peoples’ lives, while Stalin never really came up with anything. He only worked to undermine Trotsky’s plan. Though Stalin was not as good of a speaker as Trotsky and not as well liked by the people, he would always get his way through force. Trotsky was the one who had organized the Red Army and gave encouraging speeches. He was the one that everyone believed would take the power of Russia. However, Stalin used power to get rid of Trotsky, expelling him from the Communist party and soon, thereafter, getting rid of him all together. Another parallel used in Animal Farm is Napoleon’s dogs and Stalin’s secret police. Napoleon had trained his dogs since puppies to do his dirty work, allowing him to rule through power. If he did not get his way, he sent the dogs out. Similarly, Stalin trained his secret police, called the Checka, to do his dirty work whenever he ordered them to do so. Stalin’s secret police killed between 60,000 and 70,000 people.

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If you loved George Orwell's Animal Farm, you'll love this "sequel." Many who have read Orwell's classic missed the basic underlying anti-authoritarian message, instead reading it as an allegory about the Soviet Union....

Animal Farm is a parody of the Communist revolution in Russia, and as a result its themes are the evils of totalitarianism and selfishness, and also the importance of hard work....

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In the beginning of the novel, Snowball believes in educating all of the animals on Animal Farm, young and old, by trying to organize committees and instituting classes devoted to reading and writing (page 39)....

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Throughout the book Napoleon had a manipulative attitude, a strong support system, and he used scare tactics to intimidate and gain control of the other animals on the farm. Although Napoleon was not a strong public speaker he was very manipulative and used propaganda to persuade others to listen to him....

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agriculture organizations and businesses. #4: Tough Farm Economy —

Old Major probably not the first animal to think of as an animal to ruin a utopia for the farm, is in most cases not a favored example to contribute to the pigs takeover....

The book I am reading is entitled Animal Farm.

George Orwell’s works 1984, Animal Farm, and Burmese Days, through their ubiquitous uses of stunning imagery, extreme totalitarianism, and raw diction, warn of the dangers of ambitious figures, corrupt governmental control, and the recurrence of vicious tyrannies while reflecting impressionable events in his life.

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Even though most people do no see, Animal Farm is a book about the Russian Revolution, where each character represents an important personage and where the plot is based on what happen in that country, as anything in history, there are many lessons we can learn from this work of fiction....

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Write an 8 page critical analysis on the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. There needs to be quotes used in the paper. At least five sources properly formatted

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A good example of this is Russian revolution (the events of which are paralleled in Animal Farm), Orwell believe that once leaders had achieved their goal, they should resign and let the community take over and a committee should make the decisions.


It did not take long under Napoleon’s rule for the situation to become even worse than it had been under Farmer Jones. The animals’ dreams of equality, freedom, and democracy had given away to fear and totalitarianism, just like the dreams of the working class in Russia under Stalin’s rule. Since the economic situation has become so bad on Animal Farm, Napoleon decided to start doing business with humans. This lead to him being taken advantage of and the farm being attacked by men with weapons. The enemies capture the farm and destroy the windmill. After this happens, the animals retaliate and take the farm back, but pay a heavy price in the “Battle of the Windmill.” This battle represents the German invasion of Russia during World War II.

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Soon after, the animals’ rebellion occurs. The rebellion is a parallel to the Russian Revolution of 1917. The animals decide to rebel because their boss, Farmer Jones, had been drunk for a couple days, forgotten to feed the animals, and left the barn doors open. They decide to raid the storage shed for food and then drive Farmer Jones off the farm. Farmer Jones represents Czar Nicholas, who treated his people much like Farmer Jones treated his animals. Like Farmer Jones, Nicholas overworked his people and his people suffered. There were many food shortages in Russia, causing the people to protest. The Russian soldiers did not suppress the people and these events ultimately led to Czar Nicholas’ abdication.

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In the beginning it seems like the start of a life of freedom and plenty, but ruthless and cunning elite emerges and begins to take control of the farm.

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