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Silicone sales skills to share

At the meeting this morning, the foreign trade sector sales experts shared the stage silica sales experience, although most of its contents are talking about the entire sales process, the surface is directed to the company's foreign sales department, can the whole case to the entire company's employees are also brings inspiration, let us learn how to do one thing successful.
At the meeting shared the two cases, namely a relatively smooth transaction process customers and a more difficult customer. The transaction process is relatively smooth customer, the clerk expressed in just six days to reach a deal, because they offer period is higher customer expectations and sincerity touched customers and win the trust, so the whole process is very good . For another client, from June this year, shortly before the start to a truly complete this transaction silica gel, intermediate ultimately regulate various issues, saying sometime endure tricky customer, solving the problems of each client kinds of problems can only obtain high degree of customer trust. However, he said, no matter what a client, and ultimately help the team is working together colleagues, have such a good performance. Let us once again feel the strength of the team.
Sales department of a company's economic lifeline, the company's main source of income by the performance of the sales department, so the company usually attention. But we all know that a company is a like-minded team, is an indivisible whole, without the support and cooperation of other departments can not achieve the best state, can not naturally produce the greatest benefits. Because good product sales, in addition to having excellent sales team, but also need to have high-quality products and the best team behind.

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