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Industrial Water Paint

Water-based alkyd paint protection

Water-based alkyd paint protection

This product is purified by a modified water-based resin, pigments, functional fillers, special additives made of water as diluent. VOC content is lower than the national standard, easy construction, fast drying, tough film, rust is good, the substrate has a good protection.


Product Category
Water-soluble modified alkyd resin drying
Main components
1, a water-soluble alkyd resin
2, co-solvents
Mainly for industrial machinery and equipment, metal castings, vehicles and civilian products, such as anti-corrosion of the metal substrate with an aqueous resin primer.
Main features
1, dry good
2, freeze-thaw resistance, water resistance, excellent salt water resistance
3, resistant to salt spray up to 200-500 hours
4, physical and mechanical properties, good storage stability
5, water as a diluent, not combustion, safety and environmental protection
6, low VOC, low air pollution
Main Specifications
Appearance: pale yellow or brown transparent viscous liquid
Solids: 75 ± 2%
Water solubility: unlimited and can be diluted with water after
Closed packaging storage period of 12 months, according to the provisions extended test items, such as qualified can continue to use.
With improvements in technology, the company will have a new cloth materials, we reserve the right to change the specification. Please feel free to contact to get the latest technical information with the company.

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