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Newton was appointed Warden of the British Mint in1695.

Newton understood original true religion to have been vestedin certain of the patriarchs and in Christ, as has already beennoted in Chapter 1. To Newton it seemed that the religious revelationgranted to those figures had been clearly conveyed and requiredno particular interpretation, only care that it not be diminishedby later corruptions. Not so with Biblical prophecies, however,for there the language was "mystical" and required carefultreatment. Newton set out his technique for interpreting propheciesin detail in one of his theological manuscripts, published inpart by McLachlan, and since it was a technique he used acrossthe whole range of his studies, with only minor variations, anextensive excerpt from that manuscript on "The Language ofthe Prophets" will be given here. The rational matter-of-factnessof Newton's approach should be noted, as well as his willingnessto draw upon the several techniques of textual comparisons, cross-comparisonto other systems of mystical interpretation, and comparisons ofthe prophetic language with the natural world in which it wasfounded by "analogy."

Henry More evidently gave great weight to the theory that theoriginal revelation had been given to Moses, as he called Moses"the greatest Philosopher certainly that ever was in theworld." Similarly Newton later tended to emphasize the importanceof the Hebraic transmission of God's Word, for, he thought thatthe Brachmans of India had learned their religion, albeit in acorrupted form, from the "Abrahamans", or the sons ofAbraham, from which he thought the name "Brachman" derived.[Isaac Newton, (London: Printed for J. Tonson in the ,and J. Osborn and T. Longman in , 1728),p. 351.]

Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1645 in Woolsthopre, Lincolnshire, England....

Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642, at Woolsthorpe.

Then, in 1665, Newton was forced to go home because of an epidemic outbreak....

Newton's research in dynamics falls into three major periods: the plagueyears 1664-1666, the investigations of 1679-1680, following Hooke's correspondence,and the period 1684-1687, following Halley's visit to Cambridge.

The University of Cambridge elected Newton, now famous for his strong defence of the university, as one of their two members to the Convention Parliament on 15 January 1689.

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for Newton, to whom prophecy was the very essence of revelation,the most essential thing about Christ was not his special relationto god but his special relation to prophecy. To the original trueworship of the sons of Noah, he asserted, "Nothing more hasbeen added... with relation to Jesus Christ then to believe inthe predictions of the holy Ghost by the Prophets concerning him,viz that he is the Messiah and the son of man predicted by Danieland ye son of God predicted by David in the 2nd Psalm, and theLamb of god predicted in ye Pascal Lamb by Moses, andc."[Yahuda MS 7.3k, no. f. before f. 1.] Whenever Newton attemptedto summarize the true religion in a series of articles, a furtheraspect of the special relation of Jesus to prophecy always appeared.

It is a fascinating account of how Newton's ideas were already forming around 1664.

In (1704), whose publication Newton delayed until death, Newton observed thatwhite light could be separated by a into a spectrum of different colors, each characterized by a uniquerefractivity, and proposed the corpuscular theory of light.

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In 1669 Newton became Lucasian Professor of Mathematics atTrinity College, Cambridge, one of the most honored professorshipsin the scientific world. In 1673 he was told that he must takeHoly Orders (be an ordained minister of the Church of England)to remain at Trinity. That was in Trinity College's charter grantedby the King of England. Newton would not take those Holy Orders.... Some of the church's thirty-nine articles of faith were notin accord with his interpretation of the New Testament. He wasso important to Trinity that an appeal was finally granted bythe King to delete that requirement for Newton.

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In fact, all evidence suggests that the concept of universal gravitation did not spring full-blown from Newton's head in 1666 but was nearly 20 years in gestation.

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After his stepfather’s death, the second father who died, when Isaac was 11, Newtons mother brought him back home to Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire where he was educated at Kings School, Grantham....

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According to , Newton's interest in mathematics began in the autumn of 1663 when he bought an astrology book at a fair in Cambridge and found that he could not understand the mathematics in it.

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Newton became interested in mathematics in the autumn of 1663 when he tried to read an astrology book but could not understand it because he had little knowledge of trigonometry and geometry.


Isaac Newton did several thing that positively affected the scientific community during the Scientific Revolution and still affect society today, he recognized the three laws of motion, discovered gravity, and co-developed calculus....

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Finally, in August 1684, Halley paid a legendary visit to Newton in Cambridge, hoping for an answer to his riddle: What type of curve does a planet describe in its orbit around the sun, assuming an inverse square law of attraction?

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However, Newton’s calculus and today’s calculus differs in that there were numerous mathematicians who lived after Newton who invented more calculus, expanded on calculus, or applied calculus to other thing...

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