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This Essay What Is the Negative and Positive of Internet on Education

The arguments presented by Nicholas Carr as cited by Henig and Henig are based on theory rather than empirical research. Carr draws scenarios of how electronic devices interfere with the concentration of people who tend to use them often. While it is plausible that electronic devices can cause distraction and diminished attention, there is no evidence to support the argument that such impairment of cognitive abilities affects intuitive capabilities. Here, Carr fails to express the link between inability to foster constant attention and inability to engage in deep thought. Carr’s failure to substantiate the link between intuition and concentration makes this particular argument irrelevant. Furthermore, Carr does not present any empirical evidence that suggest constant bother caused by the internet has the ability to cause perpetual lack of concentration. This is another weakness in the argument against the internet. The above is just a short overview of the effects of the internet on humans, and a possible introduction to an essay. To have a research paper of the effect of the internet or the web on teenagers done for you on this and you will have a reason to smile.

As it is known from time immemorial that any thing in life is like two side of a coin theres always a positive and a negative side of every phenomenon but whether the effect here be positive or negative the positive impact of information and communication technology is far reaching and cannot be over emphasied

Since this early invention Positive Effects of Internet Essay - 419 Words The ..

What are the positive and negative effects of the Internet on society

positive and negative effects of the Internet on ..

Youth programmers should makes the plan for the youth and teach them to develop themselves in a positive manner. If society guides youth to the positive way, they automatically keep their distance from anti-social and abnormal behavior. Young people whose lives have higher amounts of the Five Cs (Competence, Character, Caring, Confidence and Connection) would be at lower risk for a developmental path that integrates personal, social, and behavioral problems and risks. The research had been done by Yusof, Hashim, Vengadasamy and Sivapunniam shows that students that have blogs mentioned that their self-confidence increased when their friends and families visited their home pages to read their creative work. In another study Sivapunniam, Hamdan, and Yusof show that online discussion forums play an important role within the online learning environment. Therefore, it is of interest to find out how the use of Internet contributes towards positive youth development in term of 5Cs. Studies elsewhere have shown that with proper guidance the youth will be able to attain such development. This study tries to find out if the Internet can increase 5Cs among students? If media lead youth to the positive development they are automatically far away from the negative development.

The Negative side
-You can use the mobil phone but you need to use it wisely,on the right

Positive And Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones
The Positive side
Mobile Phone is one of the best way to communicate
with other
Family Member
Bad Impact on Studies
disturb us on our studies and works
Even they do the homework they always bring along the phone with them
Students do not give proper time to their studies and waste their time in playing games, listening music, watching videos and reading messages on their mobile phones.
Ainol Rahmaan Bin Badlissah
4 Sains

Essay on The Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization

These days, more information is presented to more people from more sources than at any time in human history. This study was designed by applying the Uses and Gratification theory framework, to understand Internet usage among students. The objectives of this study are to identify the relationship between purpose of using the Internet, pattern of Internet usage and Internet skill with the gratification of Internet usage as a mediation variable and positive youth development (PYD). The objectives for this study are to determine the mediating effects of Internet gratification usage between purposes of Internet usage, Internet skill, and patterns of Internet usage and positive youth development. The present study used a survey design to achieve its objectives. This study found a significant and positive relationship between purposes of Internet usage with gratification of Internet usage. Also, the purpose of Internet usage has significant relationship with connection and confidence in PYD dimension. The relationship between gratification of Internet usage and five dimensions of positive youth development is positive and significant. The relationship between pattern of using Internet and the character dimension in positive youth development is significant. There is no relationship between Internet skill and 5 dimensions of PYD.

Essay on The Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization …

Hi Liz. In your essay example above, you state your opinion (positive/negative) and give the reason for the opinion in the introduction. What if the question ask for the cause of some issue and also the trend? What should i state in the introduction? Both or just one? And how do i arrange the content in the paragraphs? For example: what is the cause for this issue? Is it a positive or negative development?

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The Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization ..

The Positive and Negative Effects of the Internet Essay

There are several advantages and disadvantages of Internet but in this article, we will focus on its negative effects.

Internet and Children

Although studies on this disorder are in preliminary stages, it has been established that children who spend most of their time on the Internet, show a peculiar kind of behavior which is marked by an urge to be on the Internet all the time, so much that the child may shun all activities and become immersed in the virtual world.

Essay on the positive and negative effects of the internet

In the age of the internet learning has become a new process altogether. Applications of the internet, especially the web, have changed human behaviour such that attention and learning are affected either positively or negatively. A research paper on the effects of the internet on human brain will focus on the effects of the technology on human brain and intelligence. Often, instead of a research paper, college and university professors will require a position paper or an argumentative essay of this topic. Such essays can we done online by an experienced custom paper writer. There is sufficient documentation of the effects of web online, and an essay on the negative or positive effects of the internet on teenagers or adults is easy to write. For you convenience, it is easier to order a paper online rather than write one yourself. Read some views that could be incorporated into an essay about the internet debate below.

The Positive and Negative Effects of Technology Essay

It is also important that you talk to them about 'the birds and the bees' because if you do not talk to them, they will turn to their friends and Internet for answers which may not provide authentic information.

Although, this article is foucused on the negative effects of internet, it in no way means that we are undermining the importance of Internet in our lives.

The positive and negative effects of Globalization Globalization ..

Hi Liz,
If am writing a positive /nigantive essay like this one above, do I write about only negatives if I think that the negatives are more or do I write about both of pros and cons and then say my opinion?…
Do I say my potion in separate paragraph, or I say it in the paragraph that I agree with?….. Plz answer me I really need this?…..

Read this essay on The Positive and Negative Effects on Tourism

The current study confirmed the effects of gratifications of Internet usage as a mediation variable that affects positive youth development. The findings indicated the relationship between gratifications and five dimensions of PYD. Gratification has a relationship with caring, character, confidence, and competence. The results show that Internet usage affects PYD through the mediation effect of gratification of Internet usage. In addition, the relationship between problem in using Internet and connection in positive youth development is significant. The relationship between purpose of Internet usage and confidence in positive youth development is significant. The relationship between pattern of Internet usage and character in positive youth development is significant.

Positive and negative effects of WhatsApp | My Essay …

Some of the respondents suggested that cost of Internet usage should be decreased and instead increase the speed of Internet connection. They want the government to block some of the unethical and pornographic websites on the Internet. They desire workshops for elaborating and creating awareness about some of the negative aspects of using the Internet. They want free Internet connection for the students. They want educational workshops for professional users of the Internet. They suggested that companies provide software for detecting people who use pornographic websites. They want to be connected to the scientific sites and have easy access to scientific articles. In the purpose of Internet usage, some of the students mentioned that they used Internet for watching football match, dramas, cooking lessons, and blogging. According to the results of this study, Internet has a positive effect on youth and increases their 5Cs and helps them to improve themselves via the media.

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