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Wasserstrom's Lawyers as Professionals: Some Moral Issues

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Wasserstrom's article

There is a set of documents that the church has always had in its possession commonly referred to as the "Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar" by Joseph Smith. Most of us remember hearing a little bit about it growing up in the church but not really knowing what it was. It was only briefly and rarely mentioned in church. With the discovery of the missing papyri in 1966, critics claim that these documents show a definite link between the papyri and the actual text of the Book of Abraham.

Narrative autobiography.
I was born in a tiny town in Arkansas to dirt poor parents who divorced when I was five. My mother, who retained custody, suffered from an undiagnosed hypothyroid (that often left her bedridden) and borderline personality disorder (which is a separate essay in and of itself). My first stepfather was mentally and sexually abusive; my second stepfather tried to kill me. I was bullied throughout school relentlessly, both for being poor and for identifying as bisexual.

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Variations of the scene shown on page 109 (Facsimile No. 3) are probably the single most common form of Egyptian funerary scene known -- the deceased being led into the presence of the Court of Osiris, god of the underworld. Eventually the major elements became standardized into chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead, and the particular version in the Joseph Smith papyri is from a later, simplified text. The deceased, wearing the traditional perfumed cone and lotus flower on his head, is led by Maat, goddess of justice (identified by the plume within the orb on her head) into the presence of Osiris. He is supported from behind by Anubis, guide of the dead, who has helped him complete his journey (and assisted him in the use of the spells that were contained in his funeral book). Osiris wears his double-plumed crown, holds the royal flail and crook across his chest, and sits before the ever present libation platform that is common in nearly all drawings containing major god-figures. It is topped by the customary stylized papyrus blossom. Behind him stands his wife Isis, identified by her solar disc and cow horn. The object in her hand is probably an ankh, symbol of life and resurrection.

Sam. It may help folk like Summer if you call attention to the hypocrisy of the CP professionals in relation to MH issues.

I have every sympathy for with Kazzie but would just like to make the point people do not choose to have mental health issues no more than they chose to have a broken leg. As a child is is very difficult if your parent lets you down, what I have come to realise as I have got older that most parents do their best within the limitations we all have. It sounds as if Kazzie’s Mum was suffering from depression, if nothing else and that does not just happen without a cause. It maybe she was badly treated herself. It is not meant as a criticism, just something to think about if you wish.

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If the LA are really seeking to remove their children you should be in pre-proceedings unless they are going straight to intent to issue, but in both cases you have access to funded legal representation.

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It is stressful to have CS involved and it sounds like a high turnover of workers. It also sounds like you need to be v clear what the issues are and you aren’t. I hope you will be reassured that I doubt that the SW has taken a personal view of you at all because of the complaint. However, don’t avoid seeking medical attention for anything again, even if it is trivial to you. It is good evidence that you seek appropriate support for your children and it helps you.

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If your children are made subject to a child protection plan there should be a plan, that is the point, and that plan should offer whatever support you need to make the changes that would mean your children are safe, emotionally and physically. There might be things you have to do but there will be things the other professionals need to do as well. The first core group will be coming up soon after conference and you should have been given the date at conference. It is work looking for advocacy services in your area and asking if you can invite someone to attend with you. It would be rare for this to be refused. If you take all the issues in your post and the report at once, it is overwhelming, There are some things you won’t be able to change but putting in boundaries, building up life skills and independent livings skills, parenting a child with additional needs – they are challenging but they are all doable and there will be services/support groups. The SW will also be looking at your support network so that it isn’t all just your responsibility, because that builds safety, so have a think about who can help you with what – if anything.

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My ex partner accused me of manipulation and having a mental health problem. He claimed that our youngest child didn’t like him because I made her that way (she still doesn’t like him after two years living with him, it is because he isn’t a nice person). He told thecourts, and convinced them, that I did not see things as they were and made things up. This was because I had moved the children school as it was dangerous for them to go. It was, the police had been heavily involved as there were several parents receiving death threats etc from two other parents. In the end one parent was forced from the school, most of the other families left after the incidents as their children were not safe. My ex also came to the house being very agressive and threatening, he also removed our children from school in the middle of the day, without warning and did not inform me. The social worker involved did not get these police reports, nor did she get one in regards to the previous incidents at the school. She told the judge I was making them up. Obviously I denied this and requested time to file the reports myself. I was denied, had the kids removed and was told I was paranoid etc. SOcial services do not even work well with people accussed of mental health problems. I do not have any issues, I did speak to a counsellor after they were removed to help me deal with the grief, but, that is circumstancial. I would not trust the social work system as it is today, which is a shame as one that worked with people is needed.

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My kids mum has weekly mental welfare checks and lies to them pretending shes fine. In the last year shes dated a drug dealer and involves my 3 year old son after a couple dates of internet dating sites. I wait a year as to be stable in involving anyone in my kids life and in the last couple months she begged me back and I did go back. She cheated in the first week and lied for 3 months. She has depression and has been vonvicted of fraud in the past I know she works illegally n is fraudulent in many areas and is a passive lier to family and friends. She has stopped taking her meds and I think in the last year shes made some terrible choices that affect my son and his longterm happiness with the people she involves my son in she smokes weed and ev year puts his stable home at risk by working and claiming benefits. She snaps at my son and iv been witness to this and my some is on amber at his nursary for his emotions or something and because I know all of this and she knows she has put a note in the nursary to be contacted every time I pick my son up. I had him 135 weekends before she had me back and I found out her issues and the risks she takes and im worried for my son. Know shes a compulsive lier and can prove it but am scared if I get services involved sheal stop me seeing my son. So im in a dilema let the mother of my child make me out to be a bad dad and not stop her involving risky people in my sons life with her mental state in question or report her just I think shes not thinking about the long term affects of her actions on my sons long term well being. Help what is there I can do ?

Fighting For My Daughter: An Essay From Tamika Fuller

Parents have to get the court’s permission to bring in evidence because these are courts of law, not anarchic free for all Jeremey Kyle style fisticuffs. A judge must control what evidence is allowed into court and what evidence is to be tested. If you think that certain evidence is relevant, make that application. If the application is refused, appeal. But whatever you do, don’t rely on the ‘advice’ of such as Ian Josephs – unless of course you prefer solving your problems in the Jeremey Kyle bear baiting arena.

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