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Essays on merovingian dynasty - terra-incognita …

Perhaps the most enigmatic elements mentioned in the text as decoded by Lionel Fanthorpe is the phrase "Blue Apples at Noon." It is a phrase that might have come from David Lynch's (does Lynch know the secret? Consider the mysterious Tibetan-chanting Agent Cooper who cannot reveal his true origin, the "hidden Lodge" and its dancing dwarf, and the mysterious "blue rose cases"...) or one of Cocteau's more surrealist epics like , described as a "minefield of symbolism." The code in the parchments is only decipherable through the use of the - a logic puzzle wherein one "jumps" a knight to every square on a chess board, once and only once. It is a puzzle which has only one solution - as does the code, clearly. But the use of chessboard imagery at Rennes-le-Chateau is striking. Elizabeth van Buren, a "cottage industry" writer in the area, asserts that Rennes-le-Chateau is the site for a Manichean chess-like struggle between the cosmic forces of good (the Merovingians) and darkness (which would seem to be the Church).

Perhaps the Merovingians' most unusual chronicler is Gerard de Sede, who claims the "Fabulous Race" descends from extraterrestrials from Sirius (!), and who points out that at their stronghold in Stenay (also known as ), frogs frequently fall from the sky. (De Sede clearly keeps up on his Fortean literature.) Up until recently, little was known about these long-haired kings, as they inhabited that historical epoch derided as the "Dark Ages." The founder of the royal line, Merovech, was said to be of two fathers - his mother, already pregnant by King Chlodio, was seduced while swimming in the ocean by a 'Quinotaur,' whatever that was, and Merovech was formed somehow by the commingling of Frankish blood and that of the mysterious aquatic creature. Like the Nazoreans of old, the Merovingian monarchs never cut their hair, and bore a distinctive birthmark - said to be a red cross over the shoulder blades. Their robes were fringed with tassels which were said to carry magical curative powers. They were known as occult adepts, and in one Merovingian tomb was found such items as a golden bull's head, a crystal ball, and several golden miniature bees. And strangely, many skulls of these monarchs appear to have been ritually incised - i.e. trepanned.

This ended the Merovingian dynasty in the Frankish kingdom and began the Carolingian dynasty.

Pepin was the mayor of the palace under the Merovingian dynasty of ..

The Carolingian Dynasty, of which Charlemagne was a member, was established in AD 751 when Pepin dethroned the last Merovingian king.

Advent of Clovis In 481, the 15-year old Clovis (the name is a form of "Louis," whichbecame a favorite name of the French royal dynasty) became leader of hissmall tribe.

Gavelkind and Civil War The only governmental institution was the chieftainship or kingship, and the Merovingians based their power upon lands -- towns and villages -- that they considered to be their own personalproperty.

in Merovingian Francia female members of a royal dynasty …

Charlemagne’s father, King Pepin (the short), officially put an end to the Merovingian line of kings to become King of the Franks, and willed that Francia be divided between both Charlemagne and his brother Carloman upon his death in 768....

Consequently, the Merovingian kings passed them on in accordance withtraditional customs of inheritance.

One of the great Merovingian kings, Clovis (left), struck a 'deal' with the newly nascent Roman church. He would subdue their enemies, the Arian Visigoths and the pagan Lombards, in return for baptism into the faith and recognition of his right to rule a new Roman empire as "Novus Constantinus." Yet one of his descendants, Dagobert II (right), was murdered by a lance pierced through his eye (or poison poured in the ear - accounts vary) at the orders of Pepin.

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Merovingian and Carolingian Dynasty

Merovingian dynasty ruled the Empire ..

The , ancestors of the Franks, were known as the "people of the Bear" for their worship of the bear-goddess Arduina. The word comes from Arkas, patron god of that area of Greece, the son of the nymph Callisto, sister of the huntress Artemis. Callisto's constellation is also known to many as Ursa Major, the Great Bear. The name "Arthur" comes from the Celtic , related to "Ursus" (as in "Prince"), namely, "bear." In legend, the Merovingians were said to be descended from the Trojans; and Homer reports that Troy was founded by a colony of Arcadians. The 'Prieure documents' claim that the Arcadians were descended from Benjamites driven out of Palestine by their fellow Israelites for idolatry. "Arcadia" was also known as the source of the River Alphaeus, the "underground stream" which figures so prominently in Coleridge's poetry and in esoteric literature. The Merovingians were "sacred kings" who reigned but did not rule, leaving the secular governing function to chancellors known as the Mayors of the Palace. It was one of the Mayors, Pepin the Fat, who founded the dynasty that came to supplant them - the Carolingians.

creating the Merovingian dynasty

The Magdalene's heirs married into the Visigoth families of the time, and gave birth to the sacred Merovingian ruling family. The Visigoths of the area might have themselves been descended from the House of Benjamin, which had fled to the Arcadia region of Greece, and thence north into France, a thousand years earlier. The Merovingians were not wiped out by the usurpers, and their lineage survives in some of the other royal families of Europe; apparently the goal of the secret society entitled the Prieure du Sion is a Merovingian restoration in France. . For nothing is as it seems with the Rennes mystery. But in the hands of Leigh, Lincoln, and Baigent, it seems to encompass myriads of others - the dissolution of the Templars, the downfall of the Cathars, the bizarre manifestoes, and other political intrigues of French history. For it seems that Sion has a grievance against the Church, who betrayed the Merovingian dynasty and crowned its destroyers. If Sauniere was an agent of Sion, it might explain why he was denied absolution.

with the Merovingian Dynasty of the Franks

For to him who has more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” (Matthew 13:10-12) Jesus explains everything about the kingdom of God through parables.

481–511Clovis founds the Merovingian dynasty ..

Merovingian dynasty ruled the Empire from 6th to 7th centuries. Since they were constantly in war as they traded power and land, they eventually became weak. The degeneration of the Merovingian dynasty was affecting the church. On the other hand, Carolingians being refined barbarians, were actually benefiting from the decline of the Merovingian dynasty. When the church was given an opportunity to approve the transition of power from the Merovingian dynasty to Carolingians, it essentially used that opportunity to their advantage. This is because the church always depended upon Carolingians for protection against invasion from the eastern empires. This made it possible for the church to assert its dominance in Rome.

Germanic West was the Merovingian dynasty which was founded at ..

There were constant civil wars and shifting alliances, but theMerovingian dynasty ruled for about three hundred years, and the Franksremained the strongest power in western Europe for much longer.

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