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What are the possible consequences of global warming?

In Earth’s atmosphere, greenhouse gases are transparent to visible light but absorb heat that is emitted from Earth’s surface. Some of this heat is then reflected back to Earth. If the greenhouse gases were not present, all of the heat would radiate into space instead.

Abatement measures will ensure that industries in a country do not carelessly affect the global temperatures by production of greenhouse gases. It will ensure that companies do not make excessive profits at the expense of the environment.

'But the consequences of climate change are also quite terrifying. This is a very serious subject.'

Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases

What is global warming?

Human beings influence the global climate when they emit key greenhouse gases, which include carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Industries that emit such gases in their production process contribute to the global climate change. ()

The gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect include water vapor, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxides, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).On Earth, human activities are changing the natural greenhouse.

Global Warming Essay Examples for Students

There has been a long debate in the U.S on whether the current climate change is as a result of human activities. With some arguing that global warming is politicized to attract attention of the masses.

While it may help to alleviate the problem, the researchers note that this method of solar engineering is not a solution to climate change.

Artificial ocean upwelling: Engineers would use long pipes to pump cold, nutrient-rich water upward to cool ocean-surface waters.
Drawback: If this process ever stopped it could cause oceans to rebalance their heat levels and rapidly change the climate.

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Global warming controversy - Wikipedia

Dr Keller said: ‘This change would be much faster than the current rate of climate change, with potentially even more catastrophic consequences.’

Global Warming Essay In Tamil Free Essays - StudyMode

The controversial technique could one day be used to block incoming solar radiation and cool down Earth to combat the effects of global warming.

Adaptation to global warming in Australia - Wikipedia

The media can play a vital role in disseminating the important of environmental conservation through changes man’s behaviors. There are those believes that global warming is a wide spread imagined risk.

Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished …

Investment in low carbon technologies will go along way in ensuring that the adverse effects of global warming are not felt. It will see to it that the adverse effects of global warming are not felt. It will see to it that lesser greenhouse gases are released in to the atmosphere.

Global Warming Will Human-Induced Climate Change Destroy the World

Continued information dissemination about effects and causes of global warming will remove the arrogance or ignorance that could result from lack of such knowledge. Incorporating environmental studies and especially on global warming in the school’s curriculums will see to it that students understand the plight of global warming to mankind at an early age.

Global Warming - Outline - CSS Forums

Afforestation: This technique would irrigate deserts, such as those in Australia and North Africa, to plant millions of trees that could absorb carbon dioxide.
Drawback: This vegetation would also draw in sunlight that the deserts currently reflect back into space, and so contribute to global warming.

Jan 23, 2012 · Global Warming 1

Lack of clear government legislations on illegal logging has contributed to deforestation at higher levels contributing to global warming. If such countries form clear and strict restrictions they would be solving the world at large from increased warming. International companies should be regulated by international environmental rules and regulations to ensure that deforestation and emission of greenhouse gases is reduced

Debate on global warming as a socio ..

Recycling is also an important act in ensuring that the global temperatures do not rise. It will reduce the production process that results in emission of greenhouse gases. Reduced waste disposal will also reduce global warming as there will be reduced decomposition.

Scientists Ask: To Stop Global Warming, Should …

Introducing other packaging materials rather than nylon paper bags will also reduce global warming effects. This is because production of nylon paper bags produce nitric dioxide, which is a green house gas.

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