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Here is what i'm trying to get you to understand. In the early 1990's, there was a lot of interest among anti-smoking activists in taxing cigarettes more heavily in order to pay for the health burdens caused by smoking. In order to quantify those burdens, economists began looking closely at the mortality and morbidity patterns of smokers. And what did they find? That smokers don't cause excess health burdens because cigarettes kill them so quickly and efficiently that they die before they can burden Medicare and Social Security. In other words, in presuming to tax cigarettes more heavily, anti-smoking advocates underestimated how lethal cigarettes actually were.

Are you aware that the study you used as the basis for your article was a favorite of Philip Morris as well? Could you comment on the fact that the study you used in your article was cited favorably by Philip Morris, and placed on a list of talking points that they promoted to counter the "claim" that smokers cost Medicare more than nonsmokers? You can . It's also positively cited in other tobacco industry documents, including this newsletter.

So, if you are a smoker, and against the ban as a matter of principle, rethink.

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we will give you the respect of not smoking around you but leave us smokers alone.

These problems do not apply to all smokers, I know, but if there were no smoking on campus, there would be less of a chance of all these different instances occurring. I think, and hope, that if this smoking ban goes into effect, it will encourage people to quit smoking.

Cigarettes are bad for the environment as well. According to the University of Illinois, the majority of litter comes from cigarette butts. Cigarettes contain harmful substances that are not only dangerous to smokers and bystanders but also to the environment.

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On Aug. 28th, 2013, to raise awareness of the effects of smoking on campus, volunteers at the University of Illinois searched and picked up all cigarette and tobacco litter scattered over the campus grounds. Within two hours of cleaning up, the students recovered over 20 pounds of litter.

no smoking in family restaurants, fine, but they are hurting the economy more here in michigan than it already suffers.

The University of Illinois at Chicago, Darton College, University of Michigan, Georgia Northwestern Technical College and Armstrong Atlantic State University are just a few colleges on a long list of campuses that are smoke free.

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Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Places

Students will rebel against any rule that they disagree with. If universities do not enforce the designated smoking areas that are already in place or create a new smoking area away from students, smoking will continue on campus, whether it is forbidden or not.

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I do believe smoking is harmful, but to completely ban it from campus is pointless. If students don’t follow the rules that mandate smoking in certain areas now, why do universities think that students won’t rebel against the no-smoking-on-campus rule?

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Many times I have gone to sit outside to relax and enjoy different activities in the fresh air, and then someone comes along and feels the need to smoke in the space I was already occupying. I am a patient person, so I can usually wait for them to finish their cigarette and leave. On the flip side, I end up either having to give up by going back indoors or moving to a different area entirely because, in my experience, one smoker usually attracts another.

I do not think that a ban on smoking in such places is a good idea

Many universities have already banned smoking on campus and more universities are now considering it because of health reasons. Campuses think because they are banning smoking that people will stop smoking on campus. This is an unlikely occurrence.

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At VSU, smoking is allowed on campus but not within the facilities, such as residence halls and offices, and not within 50 feet of the entrance to any building, according to the Housing and Residence Life and the Event Services Policies and Procedures.

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• Furthermore, isolated areas such as washrooms, where people might secretly smoke, cannot be monitored all the time.

• Also, if it is a small or a new business, it may not afford to lose its clients because of the ban.

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However, this is not always possible.

• Moreover, banning only smoking as a potential health hazard seems a little absurd as there are some other substances as well (drugs, alcohol, etc.), which pose similar, or rather much greater health hazards.

• Though a smoking ban may seem like a brilliant idea to control the potential dangers, it is not always easy to implement at all places.

• Many times, it is extremely difficult for businesses to disallow their patrons from smoking in their premises, especially if the patrons insist on the same.

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