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Endangered Animals for Kids: Wildlife Conservation

If we are to go by the current endangered species facts, it won't be long before they make their transition from the endangered list to the extinct animals list unless we humans, the chief culprits, come to our senses and make conscious efforts to preserve these diverse and beautiful life forms on Earth!

In addition, conservationists must understand the large economic, political, natural, and cultural forces that influence animals and the environment. By increasing the world's knowledge base, conservationists increase the odds that we'll figure out how to address the problems facing endangered animals!

It’s always been a fascinating experience to know facts about endangered animals

World Wildlife Fund is committed to endangered species protection

It once had no natural enemies, but is now endangered—killed for its ivory tusks.  The fastest land animal, the cheetah, also lives in Africa.

The most important task of the WWF is to protect endangered species around the world. Among them are the tiger, whale, elephant and many others. The , one of the most endangered animals, has become the WWF logo.

It's a shame they made it to this list of endangered species.

Endangered Species in Asia
The following Asiatic animals are faced with rapidly dwindling numbers and extinction may not be far away for them!
Following are some of the most amazing animals from the above list.

Endangered Species in Australia
The Island Continent is at a risk of losing the following species that are part of its unique geographical biodiversity.
Following are a few animals of the Australian continent that being threatened by extinction:-

Endangered Species in Europe
It's sad that the following amazing European species of animals have come under the purview of endangered species.

Endangered Species in North America
The following animal species of the North American continent may not make it into the next decade unless we get actively involved in the cause of their conservation.

Endangered Species in South America
The following threatened species include many.

Endangered Animals Essay - Paper Topics

The zoo is a entertaining place for people but it is not good for animals. Maybe we should only keep animals that are in endangered to cure them.

I think that zoos are good only for the animals that are in endangered because can care of them and help them in their reproduction.

The most endangered areas are the tropical rainforests. More than 50 % of all animals and plants live there. Every day, thousands of acres of are destroyed and many species become extinct every day.

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Free Essays on Animal Protection through - Essay Depot

After seeing this passage, I must admitted that it is cruel to keep animals in zoos. Firstly, some of the zookeepers treat the animals badly by giving them less food and using sticks to hit them. So that they live in bad conditions and never have the treatment they need. Secondly, when they were released into the wild , they will lose their instinct, they cannot hunt their prey because they were given some meat to survive when they were in the zoo. Thirdly, some of the endangered species may died when they were given some bad food, I mean, such as something that not suit for these kind of animals to eat. And if everyone keep chopping down the tree, the animals won't have their own natural habitat.

Free Essays on Animal Protection

In my opinion, I'd say that it's cruel and inhuman to enclose animals in small areas and deprive them from their freedom and liberty because it can make the animals feel mentally bad. So instead of promoting zoos, we should protect and preserve them and let them leave safety and in peace in their natural habitats.

FREE Endangered Animals Essay - Example Essays

With deforestation, urban development and illegal hunting, many animal species are becoming endangered as they lose their habitat and some are even threatened to the point of extinction.

Protect endangered animals essay - GO LEAK

Conservationists also raise money,
and support programs and laws that protect species and their habitats. Sometimes, conservationists focus their attention on "umbrella species," famous endangered animals that garner lots of interest from the public and lawmakers.

Children's Information on Endangered Animals

Conservationists also work to promote "sustainable resource use." Sustainable resource use means that, when people harvest natural resources, they leave enough to ensure that the depleted populations can recover. Through sustainable resource use, humans can save many of the world’s endangered animals! For example, Blue Whales were brought back from the brink of extinction through an international agreement limiting the amount of whale harvesting.

Should we protect endangered species

The following endangered animals list names all such animals the existence of which, about ten years from now, pose a big question mark upon the biodiversity of planet Earth!

The following list of endangered animal species include some of the most well-known and lovable animal and bird species that are threatened with extinction and it is a shame for the entire humanity to see these creatures included among endangered species.

Essay about animals endangered species - …

It teems with animal life, particularly insects.

he growth of fungi in this layers helps in the decay of the dead flora and fauna present.

ince the soil of tropical rainforests remains damp year-round, it often suffers from leaching and poor quality of nutrients.

hus, the roots of the trees travel laterally rather than vertically inside the ground in search of nutrients.

he chances of efficient uptake of nutrients increase when the trees cover large horizontal distances on the surface of the ground, thus forming a dense network.

ince the roots are long and wide, the trees get larger area for water intake and exchange of gases, thus competing with the other trees who tend to absorb water at a faster rate.

he buttress roots also help trees to maintain stability when they reach towering heights and also during thunderstorms.

ven though water is beneficial for plants to survive, excess of the same accelerates the growth of fungi on the plant.

hus, the leaves of plants have adapted to the high rainfall pattern by using their elongated tips to shed off the water as soon it drops on them.

his helps the leaves to keep their surface clean and protects them from fungal growth, which is common in a wet and damp environment.

hese are plants that thrive on the moisture provided by rain and atmosphere, often growing on other plants.

ven though these plants are not parasitic in nature, they take the support of branches of other trees which help them in acquiring more sunlight.

ometimes the plants, such as epiphytic vines (strangler fig), grow their roots till they reach the ground, forming a network of roots surrounding the trees they live on.

n due course of time, the roots of the vines entwine around the trees eventually strangulating them.

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