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Deep Sea Creatures & Adaptations Essay - 766 Words

For people hoping nonetheless to comprehend the lives of elephants, there is an astounding wealth of information about them, a tiny fraction of which appears in the , a slightly larger fraction on my office shelves, and a realistically inexhaustible fund in libraries, databases, and oral histories around the world. The best of these come out of an ethological renaissance kicked off with Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton’s (1975) and continued in such works as Cynthia Moss’s (1988), Joyce Poole’s (1996), Katy Payne’s (1998), and more, with longitudinal findings compiled in the magisterial volume (2011). The result of a close-knit, crack team of researchers who have been patiently and creatively observing the same elephant families for decades, this work combines the power of concrete study with the power of story and narrative.

The power of God's providence preserves all things, and fruitfulness is the effect of his blessing.

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Deep Sea Creatures & Adaptations Essay

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Over the last few years, several sea dwelling creatures have succumbed to these causes - and quite a few are on the verge of the same.

But the word used here, means any creature, and is used of serpents in (where, however, it may mean a crocodile), and in ; of the crocodile in , , ; and of sea monsters generally in .

Several species of fish (including some sub-species of whales and sharks), sea turtles, sea snakes, as well as mammals, reptiles and birds dependent on oceans have been added to the list of endangered marine creatures over the last few decades.

: Loggerhead Sea Turtle
: Worldwide distribution

: Commercialization of fishing has been one of the major factors when it comes to decline in loggerhead turtles population with several hundred individuals belonging to this species lying every year as a result of being trapped in fishing trawls and other fishing gear.

One of the Biggest Sea Creatures

A mere glimpse of the list of endangered sea creatures - with species as small as krill and as large as the blue whale featuring in it, is bound to leave you in utter disbelief.

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Some interpret these of crocodiles, see some of which are twenty, some thirty, and some have been said to be an hundred feet long (y) The word is sometimes used of dragons, and, if it has this sense here, must be meant of dragons in the sea, or sea serpents, leviathan the piercing serpent, and leviathan the crooked serpent, so the Jews (z); and such as the bishop of Bergen (a) speaks of as in the northern seas of a hundred fathom long, or six hundred English feet; and who also gives an account of a sea monster of an enormous and incredible size, that sometimes appears like an island at a great distance, called "Kraken" (b); now because creatures of such a prodigious size were formed out of the waters, which seemed so very unfit to produce them; therefore the same word is here made use of, as is in the creation of the heaven and the earth out of nothing, because this production, though not out of nothing, yet was an extraordinary instance of almighty power, And every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly after their kind; that is, every living creature that swims in the waters of the great sea, or in rivers, whose kinds are many, and their numbers not to be reckoned; see Gill on .

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An Analysis of the Blue Whale, the Largest Sea Creature Known to Man

Deep Sea Creatures & Adaptations Essays

EDITH WIDDER, J73, cried when she left the Lerner Marine Lab in the Bahamas, where she spent a month during her junior year at Tufts studying tropical marine biology. But she was soon exploring the oceans full time. With a master’s in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in neurobiology from the University of California at Santa Barbara, she began studying bioluminescent sea life and developed new technologies for viewing deep-ocean creatures unobtrusively. Those efforts and her work on conservation—she founded the Ocean Research and Conservation Association in 2005—earned her a MacArthur Fellowship, or “genius grant,” in 2006.

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In fact, experts are of the opinion that the lifeforms in marine biome alone exceed the number of lifeforms in all the terrestrial biomes of the world brought together.

Endangered Marine Animals

Even though this list of marine animals seems to be quite impressive, even these creatures, who live in the vastness of marine biome, are not safe from human onslaught.

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Add to it the fact that Hawksbill species has a slow growth rate and low rate of reproduction, and that makes it all the more difficult for this species to recover.

Other than all these marine species, the list also includes species like the Mediterranean monk seal, Leatherback sea turtles, Hector's dolphin, bluefin tuna, gray whales, etc.


Other than these organisms which live in the ocean water, the list of marine animals also includes all those mammals (such as sea lions, polar bears, etc.), sea birds (sea gulls, penguins, etc.) and reptiles (such as the marine iguana) which are dependent on the marine biome for food to a significant extent.

Australia's Deep-Sea Creatures - Photo Essays - TIME

To study bioluminescent creatures close up, we must catch specimens at icy depths—sometimes thousands of meters down—and bring them up to a research ship without killing them in the warm surface water (the huge pressure difference is less of a problem, because few of these animals have air-filled sacs to overinflate). We have two ways of collecting them. One way is to use a net outfitted with an insulating device. The other is to pilot a submersible that scoops up specimens in sealed Plexiglas cylinders. Aboard ship, I study the animals in a darkroom equipped with special cameras that work in dim light and are ultrasensitive to blue, the most popular color for ocean bioluminescence.

Sea Creatures - Research Paper by Dikefalos - Anti Essays

This moral question is at the heart of Tarquin Hall’s (2000), a real-life chronicle of the hunt for a rogue bull elephant that reads almost like a detective novel where nothing is as it first appears. The victim is a drunk man plucked from out of his house and impaled in his own yard. The suspect is a large “tusker” who seems to have sought him out in the village for that express purpose, with no provocation, and has done this to thirty-seven previous victims. A marksman is contracted by the Indian government to shoot the bull and put a stop to this behavior. Hall, a journalist based in New Delhi, believes something fishy is up and finagles his way into the search party so he can expose it.

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And God saw that it was good.
So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water, and every sort of bird--each producing offspring of the same kind.

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