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Mental Health Social Work - UK Essays

Economic globalization means global free market capitalism. Decades ago, Erich Fromm noted that personality structures reflect the socio-economic system within which people are socialized. At this moment, the supremacy of global capitalism means that individualistic, competitive values increasingly prevail in cultures, not only in the U.S., but also around the world. Pope Francis recently noted how climate change along with its devastating effect on peoples’ lives (now and in the future) results from a one-dimensional concern with personal and corporate profit as opposed to concern with communal welfare in the long term. In our practices, in our personal lives, and in the lives of our patients, we see the consequences of overwork and anxieties about financial success. We organize our lives and the lives of our children, from infancy on, around the frantic search for a place at one of the top colleges as defined by U.S. News and World Report (which, itself, sells a lot of magazines by ranking colleges and universities). People, including children and adolescents, who feel they are not destined for the top, give up, surrendering to a “whatever” ethic or to drugs and alcohol and other forms of self-destructive self-soothing and self-regulation. These are all consequences of the economic inequality that is pervasive and obvious. We see these consequences all the time in our practices and in our communities, yet may overlook the relevant socio-economic context. I do not mean to condemn individualistic and competitive values per se, only to point to the consequences of the one-sided emphasis on these values that has arisen in the wake of the Reagan-Thatcher years.

Global free market capitalism has resulted in the decimation of public sectors around the world, leading to increasingly inaccessible mental health care for all but the most economically privileged. In times of economic downturn, international organizations like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will act to bail out struggling economies with strings attached — strings that involve opening up the economy to global free markets (Greece is the most prominent recent example). Keynesian belief that government spending is necessary to jump-start lagging economies has given way to the idea that corporate profits will trickle down and benefit everyone. Government intervention in the economy must be cut back to allow the markets to work their magic. Taxes are cut and social programs, including mental health programs, are reduced or eliminated.

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The four-year program provides a balance of basic sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering sciences, biological sciences, and courses in engineering design and analysis. Students choose from three engineering areas of emphasis – Biomedical, Biochemical or Environmental – and tailor courses to match. Course topics include mass transport and rate phenomena, biomaterials, reaction systems, biomechanics, environmental engineering, solid/hazardous waste management, and others. Prior to graduation, students must complete the Fundamentals of Engineering examination which qualifies the student for Engineer-in-Training registration (a prerequisite for Professional Engineer registration). A dual degree program is also available, which allows a student to earn a Bachelors of Science in Biological Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health in five years.

I do intend to try to contribute something in more detail around social work and mental health especially as I have real fears that many, if not most, social workers have very little knowledge and experience of mental health matters. Their own anxieties can be as high as those of parents!

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This is probably one of the most difficult scenario for a parent with a mental health problem or personality disorder diagnosis. The website provides some thoughtful and realistic advice here. Parents who find themselves in this very vulnerable position would do best to approach Children’s Services and mental health support via the support of an independent domestic violence advocate, who will help the Social Worker to understand what is happening and what will help. Some women’s have intensive support available to mothers with specific mental health needs, and some refuges can allow women to stay for up to five years. However, the mother will need legal advice and representation to protect themselves from their abusive ex-partner, which is currently available free of charge to all domestic violence victims through legal aid.

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Dr. Laing is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Dietetics. Her research projects focus on osteoporosis and obesity prevention and related health outcomes. Her expertise is in the area of imaging techniques for assessment of bone health and body composition and employing dietary and physical activity interventions to optimize the health and wellbeing of children. This year, she was honored with the Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award from the Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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My kids mum has weekly mental welfare checks and lies to them pretending shes fine. In the last year shes dated a drug dealer and involves my 3 year old son after a couple dates of internet dating sites. I wait a year as to be stable in involving anyone in my kids life and in the last couple months she begged me back and I did go back. She cheated in the first week and lied for 3 months. She has depression and has been vonvicted of fraud in the past I know she works illegally n is fraudulent in many areas and is a passive lier to family and friends. She has stopped taking her meds and I think in the last year shes made some terrible choices that affect my son and his longterm happiness with the people she involves my son in she smokes weed and ev year puts his stable home at risk by working and claiming benefits. She snaps at my son and iv been witness to this and my some is on amber at his nursary for his emotions or something and because I know all of this and she knows she has put a note in the nursary to be contacted every time I pick my son up. I had him 135 weekends before she had me back and I found out her issues and the risks she takes and im worried for my son. Know shes a compulsive lier and can prove it but am scared if I get services involved sheal stop me seeing my son. So im in a dilema let the mother of my child make me out to be a bad dad and not stop her involving risky people in my sons life with her mental state in question or report her just I think shes not thinking about the long term affects of her actions on my sons long term well being. Help what is there I can do ?


My children are about to go on Child Protection Plans for the second time in a year. The category is ‘Emotional Abuse’. The report from the social worker was damning and stated I had not set boundaries, I could not control my children and that I was responsible for their lack of life skills and independent living skills. I have had mental illness in he past, but for many years I have been stable and I was seen as the one stable member of our family. My husband has Asperger syndrome and so does my 17 year old son and my youngest has undiagnosed PDA. My eldest was arrested because he had expressed intentions to kill and he is now on Section in a CAMHS unit. My youngest is violent and controlling and my husband no longer lives in the family home. So, when the Conference came I lost control and began crying. I have been screaming in my sleep, screaming and crying at home and I feel very unstable. However I dare not seek help because I am frightened the social workers (about whom I have complained) will take my youngest (15) year old from me and this will damage him and I will have no children in my care. Yet, I cannot get the words of the report out of my head. Currenly I am working like mad (I am a distance tutor) o try to distract myself

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The Dairy Science major at the University of Georgia teaches business, economics, basic sciences, animal health, and management skills with built-in animal experience to prepare students for various careers related to dairy farm operation: as a manager or owner; in sales of equipment, animal health products, or feed; in field services with processing plants, feed manufacturers, breed associations, and marketing agencies; in research and teaching; and as county extension agents, vocational agriculture teachers, or research technicians.

Mental health, human rights and social work

My ex partner accused me of manipulation and having a mental health problem. He claimed that our youngest child didn’t like him because I made her that way (she still doesn’t like him after two years living with him, it is because he isn’t a nice person). He told thecourts, and convinced them, that I did not see things as they were and made things up. This was because I had moved the children school as it was dangerous for them to go. It was, the police had been heavily involved as there were several parents receiving death threats etc from two other parents. In the end one parent was forced from the school, most of the other families left after the incidents as their children were not safe. My ex also came to the house being very agressive and threatening, he also removed our children from school in the middle of the day, without warning and did not inform me. The social worker involved did not get these police reports, nor did she get one in regards to the previous incidents at the school. She told the judge I was making them up. Obviously I denied this and requested time to file the reports myself. I was denied, had the kids removed and was told I was paranoid etc. SOcial services do not even work well with people accussed of mental health problems. I do not have any issues, I did speak to a counsellor after they were removed to help me deal with the grief, but, that is circumstancial. I would not trust the social work system as it is today, which is a shame as one that worked with people is needed.

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