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guidelines for writing an argumentative essay sample counter

Even the best essays can go wrong in the conclusion—this video covers what not to do in a conclusion to help avoid any essay-ending problems. The...

Because people don’t always agree on what is right or reasonable, appropriately constructed argument helps us arrive at what is fair or true. It is used to settle disputes and discover truth. Instructors assign argumentative writing so students can learn to examine their own and other’s ideas in a careful, methodical way. Argument teaches us how to evaluate conflicting claims and judge evidence and methods of investigation. Argument helps us learn to clarify our thoughts and articulate them honestly and accurately and to consider the ideas of others in a respectful and critical manner.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Argument Essay with Sample Answer

GRE Argument Analysis Sample Essay - 1

sample argumentative essay with counter argument argumentative Counter arugment Counter Argument When you write an academic speech you make

You must ALWAYS cite your evidence.
Your explanation for any evidence you provide or any statements you make.
Counterclaim (refutation)
Any evidence or arguments you provide that goes AGAINST your claim.
Using evidence to disprove counterclaims presented in your essay.

Always included after a counterclaim

Transitional Sentence or clause
A sentence or clause that connects ideas (evidence, arguments, etc.) in your essay.

Can come at beginning, middle, or end of paragraphs.
Closing Sentence
A sentence at the end of your paragraph that sums up what you wrote about.

It reminds the reader of the argument you were making.
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Be ORIGINAL and do what works for YOUR paper.
What do I need in the body paragraphs I write at home?
Strong topic sentence including your argument (reason) OR Transitional Sentence with your argument (reason)
Evidence to support argument
Warrant (Explanation)
Counterclaim + Explanation
Rebuttal to counterclaim + evidence + explanation
Closing Sentence OR Transitional Sentence
Be original
Remember the order of elements
Always explain
Use your transitional handout
Refer to argument examples for aid
Be original
Topic Sentence
Counterclaim (refutation)
Transitional Sentence or Clause
Closing Sentence
Topic Sentence
The first sentence in your paragraph that tells the reader what your paragraph will be about.

Your topic sentence pulls from the arguments you included in your thesis (claim)
The reasons behind your claim.

Argument Essay Topics - ThoughtCo

I suppose that in some viewsof human life the mother's body is only on loan to her, the loan not being onewhich gives her any prior claim to it. One who held this view might well thinkit impartiality to say "I cannot choose." But I shall simply ignorethis possibility. My own view is that if a human being has any just, priorclaim to anything at all, he has a just, prior claim to his own body. Andperhaps this needn't be argued for here anyway, since, as I mentioned, thearguments against abortion we are looking at do grant that the woman has aright to decide what happens in and to her body. But although they do grant it,I have tried to show that they do not take seriously what is done in granting it.I suggest the same thing will reappear even more clearly when we turn away fromcases in which the mother's life is at stake, and attend, as I propose we nowdo, to the vastly more common cases in which a woman wants an abortion for someless weighty reason than preserving her own life.

Online Technical Writing Persuasion ACT Essay Tips PROMPT ARGUMENTATIVE The prompt will ask you to take a stance

closing sentence/ transitional sentence (last sentence of paragraph)

What does this look like in writing?

Example #1 (intro)
Example #2
Examples from Sample Argument Essay #5
Example #3
Example #4
Example #5
Are there multiple ways to write an argument body paragraph?
Your paragraphs do NOT have to look like your peers'.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay - ThoughtCo

If you’re writing an argumentative essay and need some ..

Although we are no longer accepting new essays on our website, we thought we would share these essay writing suggestions in case you wished to write an essay for your own benefit. Writing your own statement of personal belief can be a powerful tool for self-reflection. It can also be a wonderful thing to share with family, friends, and colleagues. To guide you through this process, we offer these suggestions:

Argument Essay- Body Paragraph by Danielle Ellis on …

Best images about Teaching Argument and Persuasion on Pinterest YouTube counter argument essay topics types of validity in research methodsi need a counter argument argument analysis

How to Write an Argumentative Essay - Planning - …

This year is the 10th anniversary of the piece. A lot has happened between then and now. Not too long before I wrote my essay, there were revelations of illegal NSA surveillance. A significant percentage of the public supported the NSA surveillance, and the nothing-to-hide argument was trotted out again and again. This was the climate in which I wrote the essay.

Writing an Argumentative Essay | Essays | Argument

And we should also notice that it is not at all plain that this argument really does go even as far as it purports to. For there are cases and cases, and the details make a difference. If the room is stuffy, and I therefore open a window to air it, and a burglar climbs in, it would be absurd to say, "Ah, now he can stay, she's given him a right to the use of her house--for she is partially responsible for his presence there, having voluntarily done what enabled him to get in, in full knowledge that there are such things as burglars, and that burglars burgle.'' It would be still more absurd to say this if I had had bars installed outside my windows, precisely to prevent burglars from getting in, and a burglar got in only because of a defect in the bars. It remains equally absurd if we imagine it is not a burglar who climbs in, but an innocent person who blunders or falls in. Again, suppose it were like this: people-seeds drift about in the air like pollen, and if you open your windows, one may drift in and take root in your carpets or upholstery. You don't want children, so you fix up your windows with fine mesh screens, the very best you can buy. As can happen, however, and on very, very rare occasions does happen, one of the screens is defective, and a seed drifts in and takes root. Does the person-plant who now develops have a right to the use of your house? Surely not--despite the fact that you voluntarily opened your windows, you knowingly kept carpets and upholstered furniture, and you knew that screens were sometimes defective. Someone may argue that you are responsible for its rooting, that it does have a right to your house, because after all you could have lived out your life with bare floors and furniture, or with sealed windows and doors. But this won't do--for by the same token anyone can avoid a pregnancy due to rape by having a hysterectomy, or anyway by never leaving home without a (reliable!) army.

What Is the Criteria for Writing an Argument & Persuasion Essay

The nothing-to-hide argument is ubiquitous. This is why I wrote an essay about it 10 years ago called , 44 San Diego Law Review 745 (2007). It was a short law review piece, one that I thought would be read by only a few people. But to my surprise, this essay really resonated with many people, and it received an unusually high number of downloads for a law review essay. I later expanded the ideas in the essay into a book: (Yale University Press 2011).

Argument Essay Thesis Statement Examples

There is room for yet another argument here, however. We surely must all grant that there may be cases in which it would be morally indecent to detach a person from your body at the cost of his life. Suppose you learn that what the violinist needs is not nine years of your life, but only one hour: all you need do to save his life is to spend one hour in that bed with him. Suppose also that letting him use your kidneys for that one hour would not affect your health in the slightest. Admittedly you were kidnapped. Admittedly you did not give anyone permission to plug him into you. Nevertheless it seems to me plain you ought to allow him to use your kidneys for that hour--it would be indecent to refuse.

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