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Here are the Why Essays for the Ivies:

Yes, college is a lot of work. – One reason to take the most challenging classes in high school is not just to be prepared academically but also for the amount of work college entails. After all, that’s why graduates who find that first job always joke that now they have to do only three things at once instead of five. 🙂 College is supposed to be challenging, but it can be done with appropriate time management. I managed to complete a double major while also performing in a band and a Masters degree while also getting a teaching license and working as a graduate fellow, doing research and teaching a college class. My daughter is balancing a major, two minors, pre-med, and volunteering with disadvantaged children and still finds time to spend with her boyfriend and other friends. I am sorry that Charlie is having such a tough time. Perhaps the college is not a good fit? There are other options out there. Good luck.

dude i find that the main reason people drop out is for money issues people say you shouldn’t drop out thats so stupid why are you doing that well what else are they suppose to do if they work their asses off and spending money on important stuff but can’t afford college anymore they can’t do anything but drop out and maybe start over who knows and sure there are scholarships and grants but there not always available o well…

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Essay on Why I Chose to Go College - 350 Words

Why i Choose This College - Essay by Ericye - Anti Essays

1. College AIN’T like high school, nor should it be. You’re going to have to make new friends, or learn to get along as a loner. The major you pick, and the college you attend, are key. If you pick business, you are going to be FORCED to do a lot of teaming and networking. If you are in the liberal arts area, you are going to be forced to be a mirror of your professors’ social and political views if you want to “fit in”. If you want to go about your own business and be a loner type, you are probably better off in the sciences or a research oriented field like history. Choose wisely, and NEVER make your choice based on what your FRIENDS are doing. Why? Because you cannot count on them continuing in the program. As any grad will tell you, classmates come and go – continually.

And I can put up with it if I need to, it’s not a question of willpower, but I think I could grow more as a person outside of school, and if that’s true, why am I making myself miserable here? Not to mention going into debt at a couple thousand dollars a semester (and THAT’s with most of my tuition paid by financial aid, college costs are disgusting).

Why I Choose My School Essay - 278 Words - StudyMode

From 2000 to 2009, college costs skyrocketed 450% or 4.5x, while dinishing in value. When everyone has a college degree, they become less worthwhile to have. Worse, do a google search on “PhD glut”. Why work your ass off for 12 years in High School, and then fork over $200,000 to a college to turn your brain into mush, only to become a drone to military industrial complex or an economic slave. You’ll be working 50 weeks out of the year, with only 2 weeks vacation. What kind of life is that? Its no life. Its death. Death in exchange for money, and not very much money at all.

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I think college is not a waste of time. im dropping out because i am just tired of school. I really wanted to join the army after high school but my mother was pressuring me to go to school. I wanted to make her happy, but i am not happy. Thats why i am dropping out. I will go back as after a year or so. But like i said before, college is not a waste of time, when you are ready to go.

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Why I Choose College - Essay by Vanessaessay101

College for the most part really is a joke. Wanna be a religion major? Fine. Take three semesters of basket weaving. Wanna be a computer engineer? Take 4 semesters of art history. I could go on. So much about college today is good, but an even larger portion is just plain stupid. The level of teaching and the professors who do it @ my university are next to worthless. Show up if they feel like it and assign mountains of busywork. High Schools nowadays do not prepare you for college and college is so much about stress as opposed to learning that it has very little similarity to the real world. I could never drop out, but I can understand why people decide to sometimes. Sometimes it just isnt worth the $45,000 a year fight.

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I think college is over-rated! Job training for a specific job is highly more intelligent and faster. When you start a job they always giving you training anyway. Why do we have to spend our lifes in school when our jobs can give us a weeks lesson, instead we make our college criteria’s long and difficult.

Sample College Essays: The "Why Us" Question

Another thing is the General Education Requirements at this school. Gen ed? sounds a lot like paying for high school classes. We are required to take a fucking PE class? WTF why do i need to take pe? am i going to be a professional weight lifter? NO im not going to be Richard simmions. I think that is just dumb. Not to mention we have to take a pre civil war history class? For what? WTF do i need to know about the fucking indians, we killed them all okay i got it. I know more than most of my professors and have won debates with them in almost every class. I think its bullshit, i want to goto a school that will actually teach me something. Not push political agendas into my head, i would rather make up my own mind about things and not be told that its a sientific fact smoking causes cancer. And that George bush is a criminal. I can make up my own mind. College is basically brainwashing it fucking sickens me. I think im going to finish out this semester then go to a Police Academy or into the military.

The Why College Essay | Ivy Coach

I am currently in college and I am burned out on the experience. The people are all the annoying people from high school. The classes are boring and way too easy. Also the classes are so short, unlike high school where you are in the class for a whole year, in college it is by semester, that you can’t really learn everything. Do they honestly expect us to read an entire text book in only 3 1/2 months? Also I don’t agree that college is important. I am smart and I have learned more on my own and from the discovery channel than all of my time in college. I think people just go to get a job that pays later on in life. They couldn’t care less about really learning, which is why I went, so the classes are easy, but it is such a waste of time. I’d rather spend my money on something I care about like music than on a piece of paper that said I have a major in something I half care about

Why I choose southwest college Essay Example for Free

I am an immigrant from cuba and i never failed a class in my life until i went to an american college . It was not the english because i learn it fast but it was rather the disengaging content , boring non motivational environment , and disrespectful teachers that made learning for me , useless, making my grades go down and fail some classes , the only thing that keeps me from dropping out is the fear of ending up working in some lame place for minimum wage . It should be easy for me because in cuba education is harder and we had to memorize the entire books and write endless paragraphs for each simple question that in the united states its just a matter of choosing the right letter from a multiple choice quiz/test. I feel frustrated right now.


College is a great experience and you havce access to many important educational features. Take full advantage of everything your college has to offer because whether you know it or not- you are paying for it! Learn about student loans, the FAFSA and all means of paying for school. This can be a significant part of why people do not go to college. There are numerous scholorships and grants available for various people such as grants for mothers,ethnic backgrounds and 1st time college applicants in families. Research is key when finding out information about payments.

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